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Journal Articles


Stephen McLoughlin, Jess Gifkins, and Alex Bellamy (2023) ‘The Evolution of Mass Atrocity Early Warning in the UN Secretariat: Fit for Purpose?International Peacekeeping, (OnlineFirst).

Jess Gifkins and Dean Cooper-Cunningham (2023) ‘Queering the Responsibility to Protect’, International Affairs, 99(5): 2057-2078 (open access). 


Jess Gifkins (2021) ‘Beyond the Veto: Roles in UN Security Council Decision-making‘, Global Governance, 27(1): 1-24. (open access)


Jason Ralph, Jess Gifkins, and Samuel Jarvis (2020) ‘The UK’s Special Responsibilities at the United Nations: Diplomatic Practice in Normative Context‘, the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 22(2): 164-181.


Jess Gifkins, Jason Ralph, and Samuel Jarvis (2019) ‘Brexit and the United Nations Security Council: Declining British Influence?‘, International Affairs, 96(6): 1349-1368.


Tim Aistrope, Jess Gifkins, and N.A.J. Taylor (2018) ‘The Responsibility to Protect and the Question of Attribution‘, Global Change, Peace and Security, 30(1): 1-15.


Jason Ralph and Jess Gifkins  (2017) ‘The Purpose of United Nations Security Council Practice: Contesting Competence Claims in the Normative Context Created by the Responsibility to Protect‘,  European Journal of International Relations, 23(3):630-653. Full text available

** Awarded ‘Best Article in EJIR for 2017’ by the European International Studies Association **


Jess Gifkins (2016) ‘R2P in the UN Security Council: Darfur, Libya and Beyond‘ Cooperation and Conflict, 51(2):148-165.


Victoria Basham, Aaron Belkin and Jess Gifkins (2015) ‘What is Critical Military Studies?‘ Critical Military Studies, 1(1):1-2.


Jess Gifkins (2012) ‘The UN Security Council Divided: Syria in Crisis‘ Global Responsibility to Protect, 4(3):377-393. Full text available


Tim Dunne and Jess Gifkins (2011) ‘Libya and the State of Intervention‘, Australian Journal of International Affairs, 65(5):515-529. Full text available